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David Mahon: King of Cards

Card, Game, Poker, Peak, Worms, KaroIn this episode of a series of interviews with executives, head of media Ramona DePares meets the king of cards, David Mahon, who reimagined traditional card games.

Mahon has been playing card games ever since he walked under the table. He is known for reimagining card games under the Full Color Games brand. In that interview he gives his opinion on the methods of the new class of card games and casino games.

Same games, new dynamics:

The Full Color system has changed the face of games, literally removing unnecessary face cards from the traditional deck of cards, while simultaneously reducing its three-part card system to a two-part system. Colored cards increase your score, while white cards decrease it, creating a whole new gameplay experience, making traditional games downright tiresome after playing the same formats with full color cards.

Method used:

Colored cards look like a deck of cards, but they are actually a whole mathematical formula. This creates a completely new mathematical paradigm for gambling.

The deck contains methodologies, math, game formulas, paradigms and applications that have not only been tested and certified by independent testing laboratories BMM and GLI for their integrity, but every certification request was approved after the first test applications.

The solution to the multi-million dollar question of card counting:

Gambling, Sweepstakes, Poker, Luck, PlayDavid Mahon and his team have solved a multi-million dollar question for game operators: card counting. Color games offer a huge advantage – the player will never cheat the casino. That’s why operators attention should be paid to this new innovative solution.

A look at a completely new concept:

By looking at a completely new concept, operators will be able to compete with larger operators and solve the problem of choice. The consumer, as the arbiter of truth, can now decide for himself what he wants. Mahon launches a new product on the market.

Dissemination of the innovative method:

Localized in 24 languages, the company’s games are ready from the start to revolutionize the global casino gaming industry and provide people around the world with a completely new way to play their favorite card and casino games in their favorite formats, using the skills they already have. The website also features tips and interactive guides for those looking to expand their gaming concept and introduce new aspects of their brand.

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